Dear Family

Today’s post is a little different than what I normally write. I thought I would share my thoughts today in a poem addressed to my loved ones back in Seattle. I hope that this piece brings you as much joy, smiles, laughter, and maybe a few tears as it did to me.

Dear Family, I miss you.

I miss your hugs and your smiles, I miss your voice and your laughter.

I miss the surprise visits and just-because phone calls.

I miss the little things that I didn’t notice before.

Dear family, I miss you.

I miss Chris when he says, “anything new and exciting?”, ready to play his guitar at any given moment.

I miss Christina, how she was always there as an ear to listen or company to keep, and her love for her husband and God as an example for me. I miss how I never felt ashamed to ask her questions about growing up and doing things on my own, even asking her how to clean a bathroom.

I miss Jared; I even miss it when Calvin cries when he sees Jared walk in the room. I miss how Jared tries to make Calvin smile to no success, but he still tries every time. He’s a good uncle.

I miss Alyssa, Alyyyysahhh. I miss the way she says “Rachel” when she comes out of her bedroom and gives me a hug. I miss hearing about her plays and piano recitals, I miss laughing and talking with her about movies and musicals.

Dear family, I miss you.


Dear family, I miss you.

I miss Brian when he says “comin’ in hot!” and somehow always brings laughter to everyone around him.

I miss Nicole, how her presence is as nurturing and loving and steadfast as ever. I miss confiding in her about parenting and marriage, and she always has something positive to say.

I miss Avery and his light-up-the-party enthusiasm. I even miss him joking about being the “fun” uncle to have around.

I miss Sabrina, how she would always be waiting outside on the porch when we come to visit, eager to hold Calvin in her arms and says, “I missed you buddy”.

I miss Joe and his orange shirts and his Pokémon cards. I miss his tenacious energy, witty humor, and unparalleled imagination.

Dear family, I miss you.


Dear family, I miss you.

I miss visiting every week and only being fifteen minutes away.

I miss seeing you as often as we used to, but things are different now.

Now I see you over Face-time, or Skype, or even a simple phone call.

I wish I could fully tell you how much you mean to me. I think that’s the thing about love, you can’t put it into words.

Dear family, I love you.


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