New Year’s Resolutions

Today Taylor and I sat down together like we do every year and talk about our goals for the upcoming year. Some people think the idea of setting New Year resolutions are cheesy or overly hyped, but I enjoy the prospect of resolutions for the new year because it’s a great way to improve on myself and evaluate the progress that I have made since the last year.

In past years, we’ve mainly focused more on our financial goals for the upcoming year and comparing to where we were in the previous year. Today we talked about our financial goals but also our goals for our family and lifestyle, health goals, and spiritual goals.

One of our biggest financial goals for 2019 is to purchase a house! Well, that is probably the biggest financial goal if I’m being honest. Our family moved to Boise only a few months ago and in that time we have only fallen in love with the city and the people in it. I am working on writing a post about our house hunting search to really dive into that process with you, so keep your eyes out for that in the coming year.

Back to our financial goals. Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? We follow the cash envelope system that he teaches in Financial Peace University (read: we try to follow the cash envelope system). I made a “2019 Budget Binder” this year that I am super proud of and I’m excited to use it! The goal with the budget binder is to have everything in one place so I can have our goals, income, savings accounts, and expenses easily accessible. It’s a great way to stay organized!

Since moving to Boise, there are so many opportunities I see to connect with other families and the community around us. Talking around, I get the impression that everyone is really into outdoor activities. We are too! I would love to hike more, play tennis, go on walks with my toddler, and be involved with the community. Here’s the problem: It’s hard to get off my butt and do it. The desire is there, just not the action. The year of 2019 is the year that I say “yes”… and actually hold my promise! I already took the initiative to sign myself up for ice skating classes. I have never done anything like that before! I am really excited to learn something new, meet new people, and be active all at once! Over the summer we are planning to go on more hikes too. There are a lot of places to hike in Boise since it’s set in a valley. The greenbelt by Boise River offers many miles trails to explore, I think we’ll start there.

Probably the most common goal for new years is dieting. So many people say “I’m going to eat healthier this year”, and “I’m going to work out more. I’ll go to the gym five times a week!”. Those are well intentioned goals, but are they realistic? I’m still struggling to make my health goals realistic. My reality is that I am not where I should be in relation to my health. My weight is not where I want it to be and my eating habits are not where I want them to be. To be fully transparent, it’s a hard reality to accept, and even harder to change. I’m embarrassed by it. But I have a support system: you guys and my husband! Taylor and I are teaming up to make a more conscious effort to eat healthier this year. I would love to dive right into a really intensive diet, but a more realistic goal is to start off by not buying junk food like ice cream or chips, buying less empty carbs and buying more whole foods. I can do that!

The last set of goals that Taylor and I discussed were our spiritual goals. My relationship with God isn’t where I want it to be. My Bible is collecting dust, and I don’t like that! I have accountability with two sisters in Christ in Seattle (Taylor’s sister, and my brother-in-law’s girlfriend). Our goal is to read the Bible from cover to cover! Wish us luck and pray for us, please! Recently the Lord has placed on both Taylor’s heart and my heart to serve Him by serving the church. We are excited to get involved in the church and give ourselves to a ministry. We don’t quite know where God is leading us exactly, but we are willing and able.

The last 365 days have been one wild ride, I’ll say! Just thinking about where I was January 1st 2018 and comparing that to where I am on January 1st 2019… it feels like a lifetime in just those 365 days! I am filled with joy and excitement when I think about what God can do in my life in this next year. How do you stick to new year’s resolutions? If you have resolutions in the past that have worked well for you, share with the group! Tomorrow will be the first page of a 365 page book that you get to write, so make it a bestseller!

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