Home Sweet Home

Upon entering our apartment, you will find a makeshift entryway station. There is a place for keys, notes, shoes, and bags huddled next to our door. To give this area a final touch, there is a decorative piece that says “home sweet home”. I walked inside my apartment Saturday night, fresh off a plane from Seattle, looked at the sign and truly felt at home.

My son and I took a trip this past week to Seattle to visit friends and family. Taylor couldn’t come because he had to work. Everyone teamed up and planned this together to surprise me for my Christmas present, how nice!  The trip lasted from Tuesday through Saturday, and half it I stayed with my in-laws and the other half I stayed with my parents. It was a great way to spend equal time with everyone I missed! I was really excited to get to visit and catch up with family, since it has been two months since we moved to Idaho and this is the first time I could see most of them in person since then.

Initially I was nervous for the flight; It was my first time flying solo from an airport I’ve never been to before, and on top of that I had to carry my son and all of our belongings single handedly! It was a handful, but manageable. Getting through security and getting on the plane went smoothly! The plane was really interesting to my son, he loved to look at the lights and the people, especially the people outside on the tarmac. As soon as we started taking off, his eyes got wide and he looked at me with curiosity and excitement. I cherished the new wonder of discovery in my son’s eyes. He did great on this trip, he only got fussy the last half hour of the flight. My parents picked us up at baggage claim and drove us back to their house.

My brother, mom, and I went to Ikea later that day. There is no Ikea in Boise, so this was a treat for me! My brother wanted to get a new bed so we searched around and found something that would work well for him. My mom and I kept getting distracted by the display rooms and furniture they have. It’s so easy to lose your sense of time at Ikea, isn’t it? I think we spent two and a half hours at Ikea and we only needed to get one thing!  My son fell asleep in the car and I was lucky enough to get a video of him actually falling asleep… he’s so precious. After that my mom dropped me off at my in-law’s house where I would be spending the first half of the week.

Time at my in-law’s was wonderful! Even though I haven’t seen them in two months, it felt like no time has passed at all. My son had a hard time adjusting to the different environment. We kept a quiet relaxed tone and environment to show him that it’s ok being here and that he’s safe even though he’s in a different place. Over time he became more comfortable with them! On Thursday morning, my sister-in-law and I took my son to an indoor play gym for kids. He loved it! There was even a baby yoga class that we did for about ten minutes. He liked the toy trains and cars, he went down a slide a few times, and had fun crawling around and practicing standing. Before I knew it, it was time to go to my parents house for the second half of the trip.

My parent’s house is much more calm than my in-law’s. There’s just not as much action and people coming and going. My son had a slightly easier time adjusting to this environment. Friday was my dad’s birthday (I’ll spare you the knowledge of his age), so we had my grandparents and aunt over for a dinner all together. Everyone enjoyed catching up with  one another! After dinner, my sister went to school to be in a short play, and I went out with a friend while my mom put my son to bed. It was wonderful catching up with my friend, I haven’t seen her in three months!

On Saturday, since my flight back to Boise wasn’t until the evening, I spent the morning and midday visiting with more family and friends. I decided to surprise my best friend at her house. She had no idea I was in town, since she had just gotten back from a trip herself the night before. I pulled into her driveway and she was painting in the garage. When she saw me, she was at a loss for words. Her entire face was full of shock, amazement, disbelief, and excitement! She even cried! I think the highlight of my trip was surprising her… I missed her so much! I only wish I had more time to visit her. But I had to go to the airport.

This was the part of the trip I was dreading the most. If you have ever been to the SeaTac airport, you know how big and busy it is all the time, not to mention how inefficient security check is. My son was getting really fussy so I got some food for us to share before getting on our flight. All of a sudden he got so cranky and squirmy, I had no idea where this came from! He was almost inconsolable for 45 minutes before boarding the flight. In that moment I wished that I had Taylor to help me. Unfortunately I had to battle through on my own. Some nearby passengers saw my struggle, and I praise God for that mom and her 15 year-old son who helped me carry my bags onto the plane. He was still fussy when I sat down next to a lady who told me she didn’t mind crying babies, as she had a five month-old granddaughter of her own. Once I got settled down, I tried distracting him by flipping pages of a magazine, which did the trick! The whole time he was fussy, I guess he was just tired because as soon as he calmed down, he was asleep before we even took off. Thank goodness!

The quietness and stillness of the plane ride allowed me to reflect and cherish my time in Seattle. It was bittersweet realizing that this place used to be my home for so long, but it isn’t home anymore. My heart became warm knowing that my home now is in Boise… this is where I want to grow my family, establish friendships, serve the community, and discover new things. Thinking back on the beginning of this journey, I have to admire the growth and transition that we took to get to this place. I see all of the friendships and relationships that we have cultivated in our time in Seattle, and I look forward to establishing and growing relationships in Boise. This is something that I am proud to say: Boise is my new home, sweet home.

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3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Annie (Nelligan) Ludwig January 16, 2019 — 8:24 am

    It is good to hear you got to spend some time with family. I understand your feelings of a new home that ends up being away from the family your grew up with and depended on for so many years. Your are spreading your wings and becoming a beautiful lady.


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