Settling In

Yikes! It’s been so long since I’ve talked to you that my blog is collecting dust! Let’s do some spring cleaning and I’ll update you on how my life is going. Since I’ve been back from Seattle in the beginning of January, Taylor and I have made friends at church, I started ice skating lessons, and we have been continuing our search for a home. I have also made a blog schedule with the goal in mind that I won’t see my blog collecting dust anymore!

We have confidently settled down in a church in Boise called Faith Community Bible Church. It’s a drive from our apartment in Southeast Boise, but we hope to live closer once we find a house. Strangely enough, this church reminds me so much of the church that I grew up in Bellevue, Crossroads Bible Church… Taylor and I actually met there! There’s a sense of familiarity to the church that I like– the aesthetic, the flow of the service, the worship, the theology… all of it reminds me of CBC. The church body has been so welcoming of our family and quick to open up their lives to us. We have joined a small group that meets only a mile or so away from our apartment. We typically discuss the Sunday sermons but this coming Thursday we will be starting a book called True Community by Jerry Bridges. It has been easy to make friends with the people in the small group, I’ve already had several play-dates with some of the moms and their kiddos!

Apart from small group on Thursday nights, we don’t have too many extra obligations. I wanted to fill my schedule a little more so I signed up for ice skating lessons! The lessons are provided through the city’s Parks and Recreation department and it’s held in the biggest ice skating arena in the Boise area! I’m about five weeks in and so far I’ve learned how to properly put on skates, fall without injuring myself, stop on the ice, do what’s called a “forward swizzle” and also a “backwards swizzle”. Funny enough the stopping is the hardest part for me, I still don’t have it mastered yet. Let me tell you- ice skating is a lot harder than it looks. My legs and feet are so sore when I come home, it’s a huge workout!

I mentioned once before in my New Year’s Resolutions post that Taylor and I are looking to buy a house this year. We’ve been slowly making steps in that direction and it’s been super exciting! I am hesitant to write about it now because I have so much to say about our experience as a whole and I don’t want to miss any details. I promise that I will dedicate a whole post to just our home buying experience. Expect that to be filled with our “wish list” for our home, our experience with finding a realtor and getting pre-approved for a mortgage, family’s reaction to our home search, and hopefully a house to call our own! Let me just say right now that we are further along in the process than you might think… so stay tuned.

My head is filled with grand ideas and goals for this blog but I can’t get too ahead of myself. Right now I need to focus on creating a schedule and getting in the habit of posting on a regular basis. I think I found a schedule that might work for me by posting once a week… that might sound ambitious considering my most recent post before this was something close to a month ago… oops? Expect to see a new post every Thursday! Because I am going to be posting more frequently, I won’t have much to catch you up on in my life, so the posts will vary in topic.

I would also love to get feedback from my audience so if you have any ideas on topics I could write about, any burning questions you may have for me, feel free to let me know! You can either comment under this post, or by going to the “contact me” page at the top of your screen you can write a more detailed comment and send to me directly. I look forward to connecting with you more as my friends and family, and growing closer together even though we’re miles apart.

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