My Spring Bucket List

The groundhog has spoken – it is officially spring! Oh what a joyous season: budding flowers, crisp air, the sun wakes up from her wintery slumber… there’s green all around! I have always thought summer was my favorite season, but I think spring might be taking its place. I have big plans for this spring, so I have created my very first spring bucket list! Here are my top points I would like to accomplish this season.

Cleaning and Organizing

I can’t make a bucket list without addressing the biggest spring project in the history of ever: spring cleaning! Now, this project probably won’t be the most intense cleaning session ever since we literally just moved this month, so I want to focus on the organizing aspect. My clothes and all of our papers are two big hurdles for me. Each time I look at my dresser, my drawers are practically bursting! I want to spend this spring cleaning out old clothes that don’t fit me anymore and creating a new system for my clothes that I do keep. Having an organized closet and dresser space sparks joy (hello Marie Kondo, wink-wink) for me when I’m getting dressed in the morning.

Now that we own a house and have to be responsible for all the legal documents that go along with it, I want to create a more efficient and sustainable organizing system. I have tried in the past to be organized and put similar papers together, but it hasn’t lasted. This will probably be the most time consuming and tedious project of the season, but I can do it! I have a ton of inspiration and ideas from my pinterest boards (which you can follow here).

Hiking and Outdoors

Boise’s well-known slogan is “the city of trees” for the vibrant green color on the deciduous trees in the spring and summer. What better way to explore the city of trees than to go hiking? The Boise River greenbelt has miles upon miles of trails and parks that I want to walk through with my family. There are also a few hiking spots around town, since the city is set in a valley. The biggest tourist spot for hiking is known as Table Rock. You could either drive up twisty roads and park close to the viewpoint or you can start at the base of the plateau and hike up. I would love to find a baby hiking backpack and hike with my son and husband!

One project that Taylor and I are excited to tackle this spring is yard work. Okay I said it… I’m excited to do yard work. No, I’m not sick, I really mean it! Our house has a generous back yard with fruit trees and lots of… dirt. We want to start by planting grass seed and regularly watering the yard for the grass to grow. I am anticipating doing a lot of research about our fruit trees to better care for them before they grow fruit. We have two kinds of apple trees (honey crisp and pink lady), two kinds of cherry trees (rainier and bing), a peach tree, some sort of plum-apricot hybrid, and nectarines. I have absolutely no idea where to start on research! If any of my readers dabble in home orchards or know anything about fruit trees, please let me know what you’ve done to better prepare your trees for a fruitful season.


Now that we’ve officially moved in to our new home and are settled, I would love to host our very first house party this spring. Having people over to our space is something that Taylor and I would both love to do more frequently. We have a few friends from church that I could invite over, and Taylor has made several friends at work, so that would be a good place to start. I also think a house party is a good way to get to know some neighbors! Unfortunately I haven’t met any neighbors yet. It seems like there’s a sweet spot when it comes to moving into a new neighborhood and meeting neighbors… I don’t want to wait too long or else it’ll become awkward! A house party might be a good way to break down that awkwardness.

I could easily keep going on and on with my spring bucket list… go big 
or go home, right? 

It’s almost too easy for me to be overly ambitious, so I should stop right here. This list is a handful already, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much. Needless to say, I’m excited for spring and all of the projects that I can get done! From organizing to hiking, having people over and doing yard work, I have officially completed my very first spring bucket list! Have you done a spring bucket list in the past? What is your biggest goal to accomplish this spring?

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