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Today’s post is going up really late because… well, to be completely honest I just could not come up with something to write about for the life of me! I tried sitting down on three different occasions to make sure I had content to write and time to edit but my mind was blank. Even still, I don’t know what to talk about. So, I guess today we will just talk about what’s on my mind.

I’m in a really good mood this week because the weather in Boise has been amazing! Right now as I’m writing to you I’m sitting out on our patio and listening to the birds chirp away. I think it’s maybe 70 degrees outside and it’s almost 8:30 in the evening! I made plans to go hiking with a friend tomorrow and it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees! We’re going hiking somewhere I haven’t been before, so I’m excited to see what it’s like and explore a new place of this city I get to call home. I’m glad I’m going with a friend!

I’ve been making a point to get outside as much as possible this week, and my son loves it! He likes to play in the dirt and practice digging with a hand shovel. He’s a great helper! He also loves it when Taylor mows the yard and waters the grass. Oh my goodness does that kid love water! Taylor and I even thought about putting him in a swim class but after doing research, it looks like the public swimming lessons for children start at age 2 and he’s just 16 months. Bummer! I’ll still take him to the public pool that’s close to our house, I’ll just keep an extra close eye on him.

I was looking back at my spring bucket list to see how much I’ve accomplished, and I think I’ve got a good amount checked off so far! I wanted to organize my clothes and office, go hiking more, invite people over, and do yard work. Last week I organized half of my clothes and now I have a huge pile of pants that I am going to donate. It was such a satisfying feeling purging my clothes and seeing the progress I made. I have yet to organize the office, but Taylor might do that part since he uses the office space more often than I do, we’ll see.

Like I said, I’m going on a hike tomorrow with a friend and hopefully as soon as the weather is consistently sunny I’ll go on more hikes around town. We’ve had a few friends over so far for dinner here and there, and I’m still working on making schedules align with some other friends. I have even met a few neighbors! I met two people who live on the other side of the street from us, and they are nice! Tomorrow there is going to be a garage sale at a house around the block from us, so that would be a good way to meet those neighbors as well. As far as yard work goes, we have done some yard work every day this week, and it shows! We planted grass seed and it’s sprouting more and more each time we water the grass. We can see the fruit of our labor in front of us and it brings a sense of accomplishment. I feel as if I am well on my way to fully completing my spring bucket list!

I guess that’s all I have to say today. I apologize if this post has been boring or if I sound like I’m rambling. Sometimes there just isn’t a lot to say. I don’t want to sound bored or uninterested in talking to you, because I really am interested! Next week I can bring you along as I go about my day, “a day in the life of Rachel” if you will. Until next time!

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1 thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. Rachel, your posts are never boring. Linda and I always look forward to reading them. Writing about what is on your mind was still interesting to us. It is still communicating and keeping in touch and sharing what is on your heart and mind. It is like being together with you and your family and that brings joy into our lives. It is good to share your thoughts even when you are just cruising down the highway of life making observations along the way.
    When I do that I find the scenery sometimes exciting but sometimes not but never the less it is still interesting.

    Keep up the good work! Love you all!

    Grandpa Jim & Grandma Linda


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