My Summer Bucket List

Oh no! I’m late to posting on the blog this week. It’s been a crazy week because Taylor and I are volunteering for our church’s Vacation Bible School and that’s been taking up a lot of our time this week. It means this week has gone by super fast, but there’s so much more activity than normal that some things (like my blog) get pushed to the side. Today is officially the first day of summer, woohoo! I’d like to share with you all the things I’ve accomplished from my spring bucket list, and also share what I have planned for my summer this year, our first summer in Boise!

My spring bucket list basically encompassed three categories: cleaning and organizing, hiking and being outdoors, and fellowship. I’m already off the early year Marie Kondo kick, but there is still residual inspiration from her Netflix show that lingers about. I purged all of my clothes and took four garbage sized bags stuffed of clothes to Goodwill. Now my dresser drawers and closet looks clean, organized, and so tidy!

As far as hiking and being outdoors goes, I’d say I’m getting there slowly but surely. I didn’t hike Table Rock again, but I found a durable baby backpack and I’ve hiked a few places along the Boise foothills with some friends and even my mom and dad when they visited in early May. The Boise greenbelt has a lot of great trails that I’ve started to explore too! Taylor is diving head first into the well-known Boise biking community… he bought a bike and now bikes to work! It’s great exercise for him and better for the environment, not to mention cost effective too!

Our social lives are flourishing as well. Just this week I met a new friend with a daughter the same age as my son. They get along great and it’s wonderful to have someone the same age as me to talk to. We’ve had lots of people over to our home for small group, lunches, play dates, and a few dinners too. It’s a very special feeling having people in my home and enjoying each other’s company.

There’s a lot of things to do in Boise in the summer. There is a stretch of about two or three weeks mid-summer that get unbearably hot, so I’ll probably stay indoors for that time. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to being outside and enjoying our first Boise summer! Fourth of July is coming up in two weeks and there’s a parade downtown, as well as a firework show at one of the big parks on the greenbelt. Those are both earlier in the day, we will be home in time for our son’s bed time. My birthday is in August, as well as our four year anniversary. We don’t know how we’re going to celebrate, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

A few weeks ago we visited a place that’s just over an hour outside of town. The Bruneau Dunes State Park is a recreation area that has beautiful sand dunes along the Snake River. We visited for only two hours but we could easily spend the whole day there. We’d like to go back with a group of friends for a day trip sometime before it gets too hot. There’s even a campsite you can stay at for overnight adventures. They have an observatory that offers stargazing events, that would be so neat!

Almost everyone we’ve talked to about activities in Boise in summer-time has recommended floating the Boise River. You can rent a raft, inner tube, or kayak and travel down the river during the heat of the summer to cool off. It’s a major attraction of the city! Unfortunately right now the river is too high to float and the current is too strong to be safe. It normally opens up Memorial Day weekend, but I’m going to be checking in when they open the river to float. That sounds like a fun and exciting family activity!

Summer is probably the busiest season in my opinion. Kids are out of school, the days are longer, there seems to be more to do. I know this first summer is going to go by in a blink of an eye, especially with my summer bucket list. There will be no shortage of activities for me to do! I’m looking forward to experiencing all Boise has to offer for this season. What are your plans for the summer? Do you have any traditions in the summer that you’d like to share? Let us know! For now, I’m happy to share with you my summer bucket list.

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