Chalk Wall

Hey everybody, long time no see! I hope you all had a spectacular Fourth of July last week. I took the day off to spend time with friends and family and I’m so glad I did! Our son wasn’t a fan of the fireworks and he got really scared. As a mom, all I want to do is calm him down and make him feel safe, so he slept with us until the fireworks died down. It was such a sweet moment. Anyways, this week I’d like to tell you about the first fun homeowner’s project I did! I’ve been seeing all over pinterest about a DIY chalk wall, and I thought one wall in particular in our home office would be perfect for that! Let’s get to it!

Having a toddler, things are bound to get messy around the house… that’s just a fact. Walls get drawn on, chocolate milk gets spilled, somehow everything gets sticky and you don’t know where it came from. It’s a perpetual mess. We have washable crayons that have somehow gotten on one particular wall. That wall is the designated “coloring wall”. It’s downstairs in our basement in the home office. It’s nice to have something easy to reach for our child(ren) and relatively hassle-free. However, he can’t differentiate the coloring wall from the other walls… they’re all white! I found this idea from pinterest to get chalk paint and go to town on this wall, I’m talking from floor to ceiling! Taylor found a good brand of chalk paint and we got our supplies at our local Lowe’s store, mere minutes from our house. 

This paint was just $10!

First things first, prepare your surface (read: clean you wall). Washable crayon is definitely washable, but it took some elbow grease to get most of it off the wall. Once the wall was scrubbed with warm water and all purpose cleaning spray, I then lined the wall with painters tape. This allows for clean lines and easy clean up when your project is complete. I was really nervous the first time I went in with the paint to the wall, I didn’t want to mess up or apply the paint the wrong way. I’ve painted walls once before for my  sixteenth birthday with some friends, and it turned out kinda messy. I wanted this wall to be perfect! 

Lots of crayon marks and a dirty wall
Courtesy of Taylor

After a small learning curve, I got into a groove with painting and it was really easy to get lost in my own thoughts. I started to anticipate what the wall would look like when it’s all done and think about future fun project I could do. Homeowning is a big responsibility but there are some parts of it that are really fun! I enjoy being able to make decisions about wall colors without getting approval from a landlord. 

After a few finishing touches the first coat was done. It took about thirty minutes to paint the whole wall. The directions said to wait 24 hours before coming back for a second coat. The next day rolled around and I was ready to get back to it. I could tell that after the first coat dried it definitely needed a second coat. Some areas were really patchy and streaky… user error probably due to the fact that I only had a bristle brush and not a paint roller. The second coat went on easier and after that dried, it looked perfect!

I realized I didn’t own any chalk, or an eraser… so off to Target we go! Target has a big selection of chalk, so I went with a set of twelve white sticks and a kit of different colors with stencils and an eraser. From my research earlier, it’s best if you “seal” your paint with a whole layer of white chalk and then erase it. This creates the film-like look you see on standard chalkboards. That took a lot of chalk (almost a whole stick) and a lot of arm strength! And we’re done! Our son loves coloring on the board with different colors and I love the easy clean-up. 

This is a perfect project for a home office space if you like to brainstorm, doodle, or just write little notes back and forth. I still have extra paint left (the project only used up ¼ of the paint) so I’m thinking my next chalk paint project could be making a menu board in the kitchen! This would be so handy because I like meal planning, so having something quick and easy to go back to as a reference would be really useful! Does this inspire you to make your own chalk wall? It’s a quick, simple, cheap weekend project that won’t take up a lot of time and it will look really good when you’re all done!

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