As Summer Sets

Summer is drawing to a close, and my schedule is slowing down. Sometimes life gets so busy it’s hard to stop and catch your breath. Does anyone else find that summer flies by way too quickly to really enjoy it? Before you know it, the days are getting shorter and colder and you wonder how time got away from you so fast. I’d like to fill you in on how I spent my summer this year, our first summer in Boise!

We first paid adieu to spring by going to the Bruneau State Park, about an hour and a half outside of Boise. This state park is known for their sand dunes,and in the summer, great spots for stargazing. It’s a great day trip location, but there are spots for camping too. We drove over in the morning and only spent a few hours there. It was really windy and we didn’t pack a lunch or any food to tide us over. I would love to go back! The views were beautiful and we had a lot of fun!

The Fourth of July was spent at a community park with some good friends of ours from our small group. We played croquet and bbq’d some amazing food. Our son fell and hit his head, and I was so worried about him! Luckily one of our friends with us went to school to become a nurse so she helped me take care of him. He didn’t have a concussion or anything worse (thank you, God). I’m extremely thankful that I have friends who look out for each other and take care of one another in times of need. When we got home, he was really tired and went to bed right away, but the fireworks woke him up later at night so Taylor and I had him sleep in our bed with us. As much as my heart hurts for him, being close to him and comforting him brought peace to my heart. 

The rest of July went by in a blink of an eye. August rolled around and we adopted a dog, Scout. Things started to pick up in August. My birthday falls on the tenth, and then a few days later is our anniversary. This year we celebrated four years of marriage! We had a few house guests in August. I absolutely love having people over to our house! My mother-in-law visited right around our anniversary. This was her first time in Boise, so we had to show off! We took a drive one morning and drove around downtown, the North End and drove on Harrison Boulevard, we drove over to Southeast Bosie too. I braved the path leading up to Table Rock, and it was worth it. The views from up there are great! We also went to Ann Morrison Park. It was wonderful to have extra company! She loved seeing how big her favorite grandson has grown. 

After her visit, we had a week break before our next house guest arrived. My sister had visited Boise once before, but it was a short trip, this trip was much better for her! We went to a park, we went shopping, we hiked Table Rock, and painted together. While she was in town, we even went to see Josh Groban in concert. It was amazing and so much fun! Although we had lots of fun, she was exhausted when she got home. There were only a few days between her visit and our next house guest: my sister-in-law. Sabrina had stayed with us before, but it was in the first month of us living in our house. There were a lot of things that had changed since then! The weather was a lot better this time around so we went to the dog park, went on a walk along the greenbelt, and spent some time outside. 

 After our schedule cleared up from having house guests over, we realized we aren’t in the clear quite yet. Last weekend I went on a church women’s retreat in Cascade, about two hours North of Boise. The retreat’s theme was “Knowing God”, and it was filled with worship, small group discussion, and fun times with the ladies at our church. I got to know so many more women at our church, and make existing relationships deeper. I was a little nervous about leaving the boys home by themselves for the weekend, but they did great! Taylor had some of his friends over for a barbecue and they had a blast. I’m glad I could go!

As summer sets upon us, I look back at all that was in store for my family. We were busy, and at times, exhausted. But I realize that all the things we did, friends we made, and experiences we had, it was all done with joy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Our life is full of good things that God has blessed and entrusted us with. I want to carry that enthusiasm into fall and further into the rest of my life. 

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