Fall Bucket List

Woohoo! It’s officially fall! You know, there’s something special about fall… maybe it’s the change in the air: the crispness and excitement. Maybe it’s the anticipation of the holiday season ahead. Maybe it’s the atmosphere of coziness as we take refuge from the drizzly rain. Whatever your reason for getting excited about fall, there’s no denying that there’s something special that comes with this time of year. There’s so many things to do around fall, here’s my bucket list of things I would like to accomplish this fall.

The first thing that I think of when it comes to seasonal transitions is decorating. I love getting out all of my fall decorations and putting them around the house. I don’t have many fall specific decor items, but I think the excitement for me comes from just inviting the season into my home. The smell, look, and feel of having candles burning around, and even lighting a fire in the fireplace just feels like a big blanket of coziness wrapped around my heart. I think doing my own arts and crafts would be cool, too. A friend of mine told me about how she made a fall wreath for her house and how much fun that was to include her daughter in the process. Making my own fall decor could be cost effective, but I think most of all it would bring my own personal touch to our home decor, along with a sense of accomplishment. 

Being married to someone who grew up watching sports, fall is an exciting time because of all of the football. I would love to host some football watching parties at our house! We are already getting in the spirit of football by watching the games on the weekend. We’re fans of college football and watch UW Huskies. Of course NFL football is exciting too, and we’re keeping up on the Seahawks this year. So far both teams are doing good!  As someone who didn’t grow up watching sports all that often, I enjoy the camaraderie and socialization of get-togethers like these. Taylor will avidly watch football, and I will eat food and enjoy the company. 

Speaking of eating food, recently my pinterest feed has been overloaded with fall baking and holiday recipes. I’m getting an itch to cook something! From warm soups to cinnamon treats, there’s just about every possible recipe out there. Keep on the lookout for a new installment, “recipe of the month” right here on my blog. I’ll dive into my most recent cooking endeavor, and I’m bringing you along for the ride! Before we start that series in a few weeks, let me know what your favorite meal to make is. Do you have any signature dishes? Any tricks, or treats? (See what I did there?)

This season’s bucket list isn’t as long as my bucket lists for spring and summer, but there’s still lots to do. From decorating, to football, and even food, I’ll be busy all season long. We still have other things going on in our lives too. We volunteer for church youth group once a week, and we also have bible studies that we go to, along with life group. I’m taking a weekend trip to Seattle to visit my best friend, but apart from that we’re going to be staying home most of the time. That’s what makes fall so cozy. Happy Fall!


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