Recipe of the Month: Swedish Cardamom Buns

Ahh, the time of year of holiday parties and great festivities is upon us once again! I love the gathership of Thanksgiving and Christmas: everyone coming together for the purpose of celebration… it makes my heart full! We have already been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at a friends house, and our church is putting on a Thanksgiving evening service (featuring pies). The wheels in my head are starting to turn as I try to think about what I could bring to both of these gatherings. Here I must turn to my arsenal of Pinterest recipes I have collected over the years. The first post in this Recipe of the Month series features the tried and true crowd pleaser: Swedish Cardamom Buns. 

If you have the time, energy, and ingredients on hand, I strongly recommend this dessert as your contribution to your next holiday party. Similar in style to cinnamon rolls, the Swedish cardamom buns are rolled with a sweet buttercream filling that is sure to make everyone’s mouth water in anticipation of their next bite! Some forewarning: These do take a good portion of your afternoon to make. Bread with yeast, in its nature, takes time to activate, so time and patience is key. I stumbled across this recipe from Alana from FixFeastFlair. Her walkthrough, pictures, and video tutorial really played a part in the success of this recipe. Take a look for yourself!

Swedish Cardamom Bun Recipe:

I have never used (or even heard of) cardamom before so I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to find it at my local Walmart Market. It’s smell is complex: bringing out notes of cinnamon, but also a deeper, somewhat spicy tone. I was excited to try it! Most other ingredients you can find in your kitchen, although I will say not everyone has a mortar and pestle, a KitchenAid mixer, or vanilla bean paste on hand. Since I don’t have either of these, I made sure to buy pre-ground cardamom (instead of the recommended whole cardamom seeds). I was aware that by going this route, I would be sacrificing the texture and flavor component of sprinkles of whole cardamom bits throughout the bun. This didn’t matter a whole lot to me. I have a KitchenAid mixer, and this proved to be my lifeline for the whole process. If you have one, it will come in handy because you will use all three attachments: the whisk, the paddle, and the hook. If you don’t have a KitchenAid mixer, you might have to get creative with your supplementary tools. Lastly, Vanilla bean paste is hard to find… and really expensive! I opted to use regular vanilla extract, which didn’t give me the same texture as the paste would have, but the flavor was still there. 


These don’t take long in the oven, so if you can time it just right, serve this masterpiece warm for optimal “yum” factor. This treat satisfies all the senses: it’s pleasing to look at, smells amazing, tastes wonderful, has texture to it (if you grind whole seeds and sprinkle with sugar mixture), and sounds… well, maybe it doesn’t satisfy all of the senses! I’m sure if you make this for a holiday party, the buns will be picked clean off the serving plate. I am planning on making this today for our life group tonight. If you decide to tackle this endeavor, let me know your experience and what you thought of the process!

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