Forever Faithful: My Favorite Songs of Worship

What is the first thing you do in the morning? I believe that how you spend your first waking hour sets the tone for the rest of the day. When I wake up and get my day started, I usually open up my Spotify app on my phone and go straight to one playlist: my worship music. When I choose songs to go in this playlist, I am very picky and not many songs make the cut. There’s different types of “Christian” music, but the songs that reside in my “Forever Faithful” playlist are typically hymns with a few modern contemporary songs scattered about.

Forever Faithful Spotify Playlist

Of course I have some classic songs in here, like “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, “Come Thou Fount”, “Rock of Ages”, and “The Old Rugged Cross”. But I also have some less familiar songs, such as “Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me”, and “He Will Hold me Fast”. I can’t pick a favorite song in this playlist, because in one way or another, they are all my favorite. Each song is rich in theme and deep gratitude of God.

I’m giving you this playlist because music is really important to me. I dance to it, sing to it, mediate over it, and enjoy it all day long. I want you to feel as if you are walking with me as I go about my day, and this playlist will certainly help with that! I encourage you to listen to all the songs in my Forever Faithful playlist. Do you have any favorite worship songs that I should add here?

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2 thoughts on “Forever Faithful: My Favorite Songs of Worship

  1. My favorite is anything thing on the Tim Meaney BIG CHAIR album. Check it out and let me know what you think.
    -Cuz Annie


    1. Oh yes! Tim Meaney led worship for a few years at the church I grew up in.. I remember liking his songs, I’ll have to take another listen!


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