A Roaring 20’s New Year

Welcome to the new year! I’m really excited for a fresh start, not only in a new year, but in a new decade! Looking ahead at 2020, I find myself looking back to a different time… to the 1920’s! One hundred years is a long time. Yet with a glamorized rejuvenation of the 1920’s with films like ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘The Artist’, it almost seems like it wasn’t that long ago, after all. 

A few months back I started thinking about the idea of hosting a New Years party at our house for the very first time. I wanted it to be fun and memorable! It didn’t take long before the idea of a “Roaring 20’s” themed new years party came about. I quickly set my mind to it, and I began to look to pinterest for creative inspiration (you can find the completed pinterest board here). I wanted black, gold, and white balloons, themed cutlery and tableware, fun 20’s themed games, even maybe a cool photo booth! How would I ever pull this off?

When planning a themed party, discount stores, dollar stores, and thrift stores are your best friend. Budget setting is super important… and budget keeping is even more necessary! Getting exactly what you need at a fraction of the price of amazon or target (I still love you though) makes your dollar stretch further, which in hand makes your budget keeping abilities that much easier! I took a trip to my local dollar store and found most everything I needed for this party! When I walked out of the store, I had balloons, cutlery and tableware, a tablecloth, two strings of themed garland, table glitter, and a few extra decor items. 

Sadly I decided to cut the idea of a photo booth. Not only would it be too expensive, but that would be a novelty item that would not have much use after this one specific occasion. Invitations went out a month in advance. When planning for a party, I want to keep in mind that the general business of the holiday season might make it take longer for my guests to see the invitation and be able to respond. Plus, I was going out of town myself for the holidays and wouldn’t get much free time to do extra planning. 

A few days before, a final email reminder was sent out to my guests and I tallied the numbers in order to plan for food. I decided to go for easy and light snacks for the duration of the party, with pizza as the main meal right in the heat of things. Pizza is always the go-to party food… everyone loves it and it’s so simple! The morning of the party I spent cleaning the common areas of the house and getting the decorations set up. About an hour before the party is when I prepped the food and table… I wanted the food to be fresh.

We only had a few guests show up, which is fine. It felt like an intimate gathering, and I personally like that significantly more than bigger parties. Pro tip: to make your ‘20s themed party more on point, find a silent film from your local library or, if you’re like me, rotate through a few silent movies on YouTube. It’s a fun creative way to have a conversation piece… oh how Hollywood and movie making has changed in one hundred years!

I had a few themed games for this party, including 1920’s themed trivia, and a word match game. We also spent most of the evening playing board games, too! Luckily we have a few, but people also brought their own games. Now I think I get the hang of Settlers of Catan! 

Overall, I had an absolute blast throwing a roaring 20’s new years party for my friends. My favorite part of the whole process was setting up the decorations for the party. Seeing my hard work transform my house into a space reminiscent of the 1920’s was so much fun! It felt like a very appropriate way to kick off the start of a new year. I’m looking forward to see what this new decade has in store for me and my family. One thing is for certain, I will do my best to make it a roaring new year!

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