Fall Bucket List

Woohoo! It’s officially fall! You know, there’s something special about fall… maybe it’s the change in the air: the crispness and excitement. Maybe it’s the anticipation of the holiday season ahead. Maybe it’s the atmosphere of coziness as we take refuge from the drizzly rain. Whatever your reason for getting excited about fall, there’s no denying that there’s something special that comes with this time of year. There’s so many things to do around fall, here’s my bucket list of things I would like to accomplish this fall.

The first thing that I think of when it comes to seasonal transitions is decorating. I love getting out all of my fall decorations and putting them around the house. I don’t have many fall specific decor items, but I think the excitement for me comes from just inviting the season into my home. The smell, look, and feel of having candles burning around, and even lighting a fire in the fireplace just feels like a big blanket of coziness wrapped around my heart. I think doing my own arts and crafts would be cool, too. A friend of mine told me about how she made a fall wreath for her house and how much fun that was to include her daughter in the process. Making my own fall decor could be cost effective, but I think most of all it would bring my own personal touch to our home decor, along with a sense of accomplishment. 

Being married to someone who grew up watching sports, fall is an exciting time because of all of the football. I would love to host some football watching parties at our house! We are already getting in the spirit of football by watching the games on the weekend. We’re fans of college football and watch UW Huskies. Of course NFL football is exciting too, and we’re keeping up on the Seahawks this year. So far both teams are doing good!  As someone who didn’t grow up watching sports all that often, I enjoy the camaraderie and socialization of get-togethers like these. Taylor will avidly watch football, and I will eat food and enjoy the company. 

Speaking of eating food, recently my pinterest feed has been overloaded with fall baking and holiday recipes. I’m getting an itch to cook something! From warm soups to cinnamon treats, there’s just about every possible recipe out there. Keep on the lookout for a new installment, “recipe of the month” right here on my blog. I’ll dive into my most recent cooking endeavor, and I’m bringing you along for the ride! Before we start that series in a few weeks, let me know what your favorite meal to make is. Do you have any signature dishes? Any tricks, or treats? (See what I did there?)

This season’s bucket list isn’t as long as my bucket lists for spring and summer, but there’s still lots to do. From decorating, to football, and even food, I’ll be busy all season long. We still have other things going on in our lives too. We volunteer for church youth group once a week, and we also have bible studies that we go to, along with life group. I’m taking a weekend trip to Seattle to visit my best friend, but apart from that we’re going to be staying home most of the time. That’s what makes fall so cozy. Happy Fall!


As Summer Sets

Summer is drawing to a close, and my schedule is slowing down. Sometimes life gets so busy it’s hard to stop and catch your breath. Does anyone else find that summer flies by way too quickly to really enjoy it? Before you know it, the days are getting shorter and colder and you wonder how time got away from you so fast. I’d like to fill you in on how I spent my summer this year, our first summer in Boise! Continue reading “As Summer Sets”

It’s A Ruff Life

Well the Wisler family is officially a family of 6: Taylor, me, our two cats, our son, and now our newly adopted dog, Scout! Scout is a one-year-old border collie with lots of love to give. We adopted him on Saturday so it’s already been a few days of adjusting him into our home so I’d like to fill you in on how it’s going so far and how we got to this point. 

We’ve wanted a dog for a long time, but the timing has never felt right. We were previously living in two small apartments that didn’t have the proper space for a dog to run around and truly be happy. Even though we wanted a dog really badly, we wanted the dog to be happy and healthy first and foremost, so we held off. When we purchased our house earlier this year, we fell in love with the amount of space in the backyard.

Our son loooooves dogs, I mean, have you met him? “Oof, oof!” as he points ferociously at dogs at the park, on neighborhood walks, at friend’s houses… literally everywhere. That kid LOVES dogs!!

With the knowledge that our son loves dogs and interacts well with them, combined with enough space now that we have a house with a generous backyard, we decided to start looking. I mean, Taylor started to look for dogs. He made up his mind fairly quickly about what dog he wanted, but it took me some time to warm up to the idea initially. 

Scout was located in Ontario, OR, which is about an hour away from Boise, so we drove out there one Saturday morning to spend some time with him and to see if he would be a good fit for the family. He was really excited to see new faces, he was gentle with our son, and he was good on a leash. Even after we visited him, I still felt hesitant.

During a conversation with a friend about this, she brought up the idea of us watching her dog while her family is on vacation for a week. I thought that was a great idea! We get to help a friend, but also see what it would be like in the day-to-day of having a dog around the house. How can I handle the extra responsibility? I’d say by day two of dog sitting for our friend, I was sold. Having a dog in our house was just the extra push I needed to get off my butt and get out of the house every day. After the week of dog sitting was over, we drove back to Ontario to adopt our new family member!

To say that Taylor was excited to adopt a dog would be a huge understatement. That was all he would talk about! I was really excited too, although I tried not to show it as much; there needed to be a balance between excitement and realism… Taylor was overflowing with excitement so I needed to be the realist in this situation. I was thinking about all of the possible scenarios and making sure we hit all of our bases before the dog got here. Where would he sleep? What about the cats? How do we introduce them? You can never be too careful.

The first day of having Scout at home with us was good! He seemed curious, excited, but timid and cautious. We let him play in the backyard first, then we moved him to the living room where his crate is. We decided to give him a bath, and after he dried off, he became a totally new dog. He was bounding around the backyard in sheer excitement. I bet he felt so fresh! He loved all the TLC I was giving him, and of course our son was really excited too. He settled in to his new home just fine.  

Introducing our cats to Scout is a process. Reese and Cocoa already have this home established as their own territory and they’re fairly confident in themselves here at home. Scout is a foreigner to them, an invader of their home territory. We needed to communicate to our cats that this is now Scout’s home too and they need to allow him to be here. Scout was curious to meet the cats, but we made sure they met in a controlled environment. We put Scout in his crate and let the cats approach him on their terms. Cocoa came up to Scout first, very cautiously. She was on the defensive, but didn’t lash out and attack Scout. Reese is our timid cat, so he took some time to come out and introduce himself. Overall, the animal introduction went as good as I could’ve hoped for! It’s still a work in progress with getting them to be friendly to each other, but I’m not pushing it. They’ll get comfortable with each other in their own time, I can only try my best to control the environment such that it makes for a smooth introduction. 

As I’m sitting on the couch finishing my post today, Scout is curled up at my feet… so content. He has taken to his new home extremely well. He has fully embraced the house dog life. I can’t tell who he’s assigned as Alpha dog of the Wisler pack, he follows me around everywhere I go but when Taylor comes home from work that takes Scout’s excitement to a whole new level. Later today we are going on a walk around the block and then tomorrow we’re walking along the greenbelt with a friend. This weekend we might even have a doggie friend over for a doggie play date! We are very happy that we adopted Scout into our family. I hope you get to meet him someday. But if not, here are a few pictures I have taken. Taylor will undoubtedly shake his head at me and roll his eyes, but I also created an instagram page for Scout for those of you who won’t get to meet him in person. The journey to getting to where we are now has been a long one, and I was hesitant and unsure along the way, but now that we’re here, I’m realizing that this is what I’ve been wanting all along.

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Making Today an “A” Day

I apologize for being so late to posting today! The first of the month is usually when I do the big grocery trip, you know the one… the Costco trip. That, combined with the fact that the toddler boy woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep until he slept in our bed, causing Taylor and I to have a restless night’s sleep… needless to say it’s been a day. Any other week this scenario would cause me to groan at the long day ahead. I would be predisposed to not have a good day. My mind would be made up, and I would be in a grumpy mood all day. The phrase “someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today” is all too common on days like these.  Continue reading “Making Today an “A” Day”

Spoken Word And Poetry

Creative writing is one of my passions in life, one of the things I’m good at. In high school I took two creative writing classes, two drama classes, and one public speaking class. The final project in my public speaking class was a two-and-a-half minute monologue of the students choice. For my monologue I chose my all time favorite spoken word poem by my favorite poet, Sarah Kay. The first four minutes or so of this TED Talk is her performance of the spoken word poem. Unfortunately I don’t have the recording of my own version of the poem (bummer, I knew you would want to see high school Rachel giving a performance of a lifetime). You’ll find the following transcript of the poem below if you want to read along. Continue reading “Spoken Word And Poetry”

Chalk Wall

Hey everybody, long time no see! I hope you all had a spectacular Fourth of July last week. I took the day off to spend time with friends and family and I’m so glad I did! Our son wasn’t a fan of the fireworks and he got really scared. As a mom, all I want to do is calm him down and make him feel safe, so he slept with us until the fireworks died down. It was such a sweet moment. Anyways, this week I’d like to tell you about the first fun homeowner’s project I did! I’ve been seeing all over pinterest about a DIY chalk wall, and I thought one wall in particular in our home office would be perfect for that! Let’s get to it! Continue reading “Chalk Wall”


Summer is known for being the busiest season. With kids out of school and families taking vacations, the weeks go by in a blink of an eye. I’m finding that my summer so far is flying by right in front of my eyes. The past two weeks have been crazy busy… we volunteered for VBS last week, I’ve been hanging out with more friends and cultivating new relationships, I’ve been taking my son to more parks around town and doing more activities… it’s been a whirlwind but I am thriving!

Continue reading “Restless”