My Summer Bucket List

Oh no! I’m late to posting on the blog this week. It’s been a crazy week because Taylor and I are volunteering for our church’s Vacation Bible School and that’s been taking up a lot of our time this week. It means this week has gone by super fast, but there’s so much more activity than normal that some things (like my blog) get pushed to the side. Today is officially the first day of summer, woohoo! I’d like to share with you all the things I’ve accomplished from my spring bucket list, and also share what I have planned for my summer this year, our first summer in Boise! Continue reading “My Summer Bucket List”

I Don’t Know How to Adult, and At This Point I’m Too Afraid to Ask

Adulting (noun): The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks. (According to Google Dictionary)

I’m a few years into adulthood, and I think it would be accurate to assume most other adults don’t know what they’re doing either… at least in early adulthood. “Fake it til’ you make it” seems to be the motto these days. I don’t enjoy doing most things adults have to do: getting the oil changed in my car, scheduling appointments, going to the dentist, figuring out which fruit is ripe at the grocery store, etc. I do enjoy doing some things: having freedom to schedule my own days, eating ice cream for breakfast, buying things for my own home and incorporating my personal style into my space… things like that! Continue reading “I Don’t Know How to Adult, and At This Point I’m Too Afraid to Ask”

Making Changes

My toddler turned one and a half this week. It’s a big milestone for him! He’s walking now, communicating more effectively, laughing a lot, showing distinct interest in things he likes. He’s turning into a little boy right in front of my eyes! I often sit back and am amazed that Taylor and I created life… a living being with his own thoughts and emotions and opinions of the world… we made that! His personality is shining through stronger each day, and I am just beside myself. He is a mild mannered, easy going, light tempermented child. I sometime joke that God is tricking me into believing that parenting is really this easy so I will have more children! With all of the emotional and physical growth my child is going through right now, I thought it would be wise to be more intentional with my parenting. I decided to be purposeful in the things I do, the things I buy, and the things that I teach my child going forward. My first step is being purposeful in transitioning out of a crib, then making conscious choices with his toys and play time. Continue reading “Making Changes”

Dig A Little Deeper

It’s crazy knowing that I’ve had my blog site published for six months already! Being able to document this journey through my eyes and being able to look back at all that has happened is really cool! I thought today’s post could be something a little different: a question and answer format to get to know me some more. My writings show one side of me, mainly my thoughts and emotions, but today you’ll get to dig a little deeper in my life and learn about my preferences or more of my opinions on certain topics. Let’s dive in! Continue reading “Dig A Little Deeper”

Diamond in the Rough

Everyone knows that diamonds are made under immense heat and pressure inside the earth. They start as ordinary rocks, and under the right circumstances, emerge as beautiful, unbreakable, priceless gems. I’m close to very few people, but those few people mean the world to me. Some relationships come naturally and are easy while others, like diamonds, are put under pressure and put against the test of time. Those relationships turn out unbreakable. Continue reading “Diamond in the Rough”

Visiting Family

Personally, there’s nothing quite like spending time with people. Being around people energizes me and makes me happy… I’m definitely an extrovert! It’s even better when the people I’m with are family. My husband and I flew to Seattle to visit with family this month for a weekend and then after that my parents flew to Boise to visit us! It has been a wonderful month so far, let me tell you about it! Continue reading “Visiting Family”

The Gift of Youth in Motherhood

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I can’t help but to write about my feelings and experience of being a young mom. In the very beginning of my motherhood journey, I felt slightly ashamed of being a mom so young. I felt as if people would judge me and think less of me because of my choice. Getting pregnant at twenty opens up doors for lots of judgement in being careless or opinions that I might regret it. In all reality, it was a decision I was well aware of, and very intentional in. I’ve since had time to grow into this new role for me and to embrace the change, and I am now proud to be a young mom and start a family in my early twenties. I am learning lessons I wouldn’t otherwise learn being in this stage of life. I think beyond myself when making decisions and am more considerate of other people’s situations and feelings. I am also seeing life from a new perspective, and that’s through the eyes of my son. Continue reading “The Gift of Youth in Motherhood”