Moving to a new state is completely new territory for me, and significantly marks the beginning of my journey into independent adulthood separate from extended family. I am constantly learning new things about myself through this process, everyday evolving into a new  version of Rachel. Here are a few things I know to be true about myself:

I married the most amazing man ever only 5 days after I turned 19.

I am a young stay-at-home mom of a wonderful two year old boy.

My favorite activities include (but are not limited to) talking about my toddler, blogging, thrifting, hiking, playing tennis, embarrassingly dancing to 80’s music, professional interpretative dance and air guitar, spoiling my fur babies (two cats and one dog), and enjoying a good glass of wine.

Home decor is my weakness… oh, and Krispe Kreme doughnuts.

I am a natural-born night owl converted to an early bird because I married one.

I make a mean chocolate chip cookie. I bet you anything I can make the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had.

“Tonight I dream, tomorrow I do” is a mantra I can stand behind because I’m a chronic procrastinator.

Writing has always been my strongest subject in school… and in High School I took two creative writing classes, one public speaking class, and two separate drama classes.

I have two guilty pleasures: Disney movies and reality tv.

When I was little, my “dream job” was to be a waitress because of one really nice lady that worked at Chili’s.

I was close… my very first job was a hostess at a restaurant and I was in the middle of training to be a waitress when the restaurant shut down. Wah-wah.

Raised in a Christian home, I was baptized in 2004.

My very first concert was Hannah Montana, and my most recent concert was Jonas Brothers (I promise I’m an adult).

Speaking of: It has been a dream of mine to see Josh Groban in concert and Celine Dion. I saw Josh Groban in concert summer of 2019. Celine, you’re next.

I write as therapy. It is my way of sorting through my thoughts when they get too cluttered in my head. At the end of a good writing session, I am calmer, clear-headed, and hey, I have some material now.

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